“Roofer Mike” discusses various topics related to the Miami residential roofing market as an informational overview. Many issues confronting homeowners in need of roofing contractor services are addressed.

Many Miami homeowners take their roof for granted until their home is damaged by water intrusion. By then the deck and structure are typically rotten as it takes time for a leak to saturate layers of roofing materials, sheathing, insulation and drywall before it’s noticed inside. Efficient maintenance of the roof extends its life, gives the homeowner full value for their roofing dollar and protects other components of the structure. Different systems require their own periodic maintenance and require an expert local roofing contractor to properly perform the work.
Most leaks are due to the poor installation of metal flashings at detail areas and can be repaired. When the material itself fails the roof is probably beyond practical repair or maintenance and replacement options should be explored. A reputable professional can help decide whether to repair or replace.

 Fiberglass shingles, concrete and clay tile roofs, slate, wood shakes, metal roofs and various low-slope systems are the most common systems available. When contemplating your replacement options it can be helpful to check the websites of roofing companies, manufacturers and related search engines.

Energy Efficiency           

Today, residents are more aware of the benefits of energy efficient assemblies which cut cooling costs and extend the life cycle while featuring ventilated, insulated and reflective characteristics. Rising oil prices have allowed efficient systems such as metal and liquid applied roofing to become more competitively priced with conventional roofs made from petroleum byproducts.

What About The Warranty?

Warranties offered by manufacturers only cover materials and are really sales tools, exaggerated to boost sales. “Limited Lifetime” shingles that usually last 25-30 years are a great example. When the roof wears out they want you to file a claim. Then the value is pro-rated in their favor towards a new roof – with their product! Manufacturers’ warranties are necessary in extremely rare cases of defective materials but the important warranty for the homeowner is from their contractor.

One should always get three or four estimates before hiring a roofing company. Search online for contractor complaints and reviews and verify licenses at state or local agencies. Obtain liability and workers comp insurance certificates and verify with a call to the agent or carrier. Study each proposal carefully for accuracy of the work description. Prices for a flat roof, for example, can vary greatly when different systems are used. Compare the warranties from each contractor along with the price and payment terms. Insist that the contractor pulls a permit and don’t ever make final payment until the job passes inspection.

By Michael Slattery

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