Tuesday, July 9, 2013

North Miami Premium Ruberoid Roof

This client in North Miami did not want to deal with this flat roof anymore in his lifetime so we installed this 1 ½” insulated GAF Ruberoid low-slope system featuring Ruberoid Smooth as a ply sheet with a Ruberoid Granule cap.

We don’t do hot tar because I hate it for reasons both personal and technical. In short, it’s dangerous and obsolete. We always mechanically fasten insulation with screws and 3” plates and when everyone gets on a drill it doesn’t take long. I’d rather carry a bunch of drills than lug a kettle around.

The screws and plates were simultaneously run through 2 plies of Gafglas #75 base sheet and 1½” insulation. If that looks like a lot of plates to you, “Welcome to Miami-Dade County”, which requires an engineer’s calculations to determine the fastening pattern. You can’t make this stuff up. . .

A ply of Ruberoid Smooth is then torched down before the drip-edge and wall flashings are nailed and primed. Then the Ruberoid Granule cap is torched with no granulating necessary for the seams. In its infinite wisdom Miami-Dade has determined that in order to achieve a Class A fire rating it must be coated with GAF Premium Aluminum Coating, one of the most flammable substances on the planet. Seriously though, I like this aspect as it gives the customer a head start on a maintenance regimen.

Flat roofs benefit from proper maintenance more than other systems. If this roof is kept free of debris and maintained with the use of elastomeric coatings periodically, it will not need replacement for a very long time.
Flat roof in North Miami