Monday, August 19, 2013

Clay Tile Roof Repair in Miami Springs

This clay tile roof repair we just finished in Miami Springs is typical of the roofing contractor services we provide at Roofer Mike Inc. Clay tile roofs are common in the Miami, Fl. area but present challenges when making repairs. They are dense and therefore brittle so care must be taken when removing and walking on them. Yes, there is a correct way to walk on a tile roof.

Clay Tile Roof In Miami Springs
Tile roof repair with new valley metal
This roof was only 12 years old and the leaks were originating from the valley, indicating workmanship defect. Three types of metal flashing converge at the bottom of this valley – typical – and they must be done correctly or will eventually leak. Flashings should be coated with asphalt primer to ensure adhesion of the underlayment .The flashings must also be set in flashing cement. If regular cement is used it will shrink, dry out, shrink and cause the flashings to fail over time, usually 10-15 years. We use top quality modified cement for all our roof repairs and replacements. Flashings must be nailed down and nails improperly driven or placed incorrectly will cause leaks.
When there are multiple leaks in one valley with so many things possibly gone wrong underneath we always advocate a complete rebuild – rotten wood replaced, new flashings, new valley metal and Tarco PS 200 tile underlayment which is superior to the centuries old hot-mop method. Roof tiles are attached with polyurethane foam which is foolproof compared to mortar.

Tile Roof Repair in Miami
Tile roof repair complete - almost

As with all our roof repairs this job comes with a 3-year warranty, triple the industry standard. How can we do that, you might ask? We don’t mind spending a little extra on quality materials and our repairs are designed to outlast the existing roof.

By Michael Slattery

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