Thursday, September 26, 2013

Torching a Flat Roof With Roofer Mike in Miami

Flat roofing project in Miami Springs, FL.
Tearing off, drying in and torching a flat roof
I was all over this flat roof project in Miami Springs as it posed some serious ponding problems and I wanted to make sure it was done right. It had a huge ponding area on one end of its L shape and the rest of it ponded badly on each of three other connected additions as well. Because there were four separate ponding areas on one flat roof I advised the owner not to attempt correcting them with insulation as the previous roofers had - what a mess.

The infamous Miami-Dade tin-cap pattern

Tapered insulation would have been built up at least 4-5 inches to drain this roof. We installed two layers of Gafglas #75 and torched a ply of Ruberoid torch granule for the cap - a simple and inexpensive base roof design.

When it quits raining we'll install a retrofit drain at the deepest spot and apply a solvent-based Sealoflex maintenance application to the whole thing. It'll be fine . . .

by Michael Slattery

Roofer Mike torching on the house !!!

Roofer Mike on Flat Roof in Miami Springs

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